About us

We build your dreams by developing land and creating quality residential living quarters for those who appreciate living in a beautiful structure in the lovely town of Limassol. Through the SOAN Construction Company, the Consot Group provides licensed, skilled builders to numerous original and luxury projects; service standards are high at Consot Developers. Consot Developers Ltd is a private limited liability company incorporated in Cyprus under the Cyprus Companies Law, Cap 113.

Based on the Group’s experience and tradition, Consot Developers Limited is mainly involved in the construction of modern quality luxury residential units and villas.

We choose only the finest associates and suppliers in the market in order to achieve a quality feel in our properties, which ensures satisfied customers. We have a long standing relationship with our associates and suppliers; thus making our cooperation much easier achieving quality results for our customers.

If you would like to learn more information about Limassol and Cyprus in general, please go to www.visitcyprus.com

Our Group

The company Consot Developers Limited is involved in land and property and is member of the Consot Holdings Limited group of companies. The Group also includes the following companies:

  • SOAN Construction Company Limited, the construction company of the Group
  • Consot Real Estate Limited which is involved in land and property development.
  • ANSO Developers Limited, an associated company, which is involved in land and property development.

The Consot group through the SOAN Construction Company Limited, which owns the relevant construction licenses and is well known for its quality and high standard of service, has a vast construction experience, and has been established in the construction business mainly for residential units as well as blocks of flats.

SOAN Construction Company is the foundation for the Consot Group of companies. Through its founder, SOAN has more than 45 years of experience in the construction industry and is well known for its quality and high standard of service. It is the contractor for the Consot Group, but also holds outside contracts. During the 1990s, SOAN was the main contractor for one of the biggest developers in Limassol. The vast experience held by SOAN and its management provides an advantage for the quality construction offered by the Consot Group.

In recent years, SOAN constructed various projects not related to Consot Group, including luxury houses and block of apartments.

The Consot Holdings, Ltd. group of companies includes:

Our aim

Our dedication to the high standard specifications in conjunction to the well trained personnel, provide Consot Developers Limited with the unique ability of constructing perfect residential units and villas that satisfy the needs of contemporary people. Our aim is to build your dreams!

We are dedicated in providing to you a quality product to satisfy your needs followed by an after sales service so that to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction possible. Our quality is enhanced by offering you spacious, luxurious, elegant residential units in prime locations that have modern design and interior functionality.

Our services

Our Group offers the following services:

  • Land and property development
  • Construction and repair of immovable property
  • Special packages for interior furnishing and equipment
  • Interior and landscape decoration
  • Management of properties
  • Assistance for obtaining bank financing for prospective buyers